SECTION A (15 Marks)

1. For the following items choose the correct answer among the given alternative and write its letter in the box provided below:

i) Immunity is the ability of the body to defend itself against infections. Which one of the following types of immunity involves passage of antibodies from mother to unborn baby across the placenta?

A. Natural passive immunity B. Natural active immunity

C. Artificial passive immunity D. Artificial active immunity

ii) A person pick up a telephone after hearing it ring. Which characteristics of living things is the person showing by this action?

A. Movement and locomotion B. Movement and irritability

C. Growth and response C. Development and response

iii) Which apparatus are used for heating substance in the Biology laboratory?

A. Test tube holder and thermometer B. Bunsen burner and Thermometer

C. Spirit lamp and Bunsen burner D. Spirit lamp and test tube rack

iv) Nutritional disorders are common problem associated with poor balanced diet mostly to children. Which among the following is not nutritional dis-order?

A. Asthma B. Goiter C. Anaemia D. Night blindness

v) Juma is a carpenter and Agrey is a farmer. A diet taken by Juma and Agrey after their activities should contain large amount of;

A. Protein B. Carbohydrates C. Vitamin D. Fats and oils

vi) If you are asked to prepare a first aid kit which of the following will not be included?

A. Iodine tincture B. Pair of scissors

C. Medicine to cure disease D. Sterilized cotton wool

vii) What is the main product of anaerobic respiration in animals?

A. Lactic acid B. Alcohol C. Water D. Carbon dioxide

viii) Conditions or factors that can change or be changed in an experiment

A. Hypothesis B. Variables C. Problems D. Conclusions

ix) Which statement is true about the Virus?

A. It is active outside the host cell but dormant inside it.

B. It carries life processes when outside the host cell.

C. It is active inside the host cell but dormant outside it.

D. It has nucleus

x) ___________ Used to catch the flying insects.

A. Sweep nets B. Fish net C. Pooter D. Specimen bottle

2. Match the phrase in LIST A with responses in LIST B by writing the letter of the correct response in a table provided.




                     Breaking down of food materials within a cell to release energy.

      i           Process by which living things produce new individuals of own kind.

    ii           Process of removing metabolic waste products from the body of organism.

    i             Process of taking in food synthesizing it, digesting and oxidizing it to release energy.

                  Ability of an organism to respond to stimulus.

A.    Excretion

B.      Nutrition

C.     Reproduction

D.    Respiration

E.     Irritability

F.      Growth

G.    Movement

H.    Locomotion

I.       Death


SECTION B (70 Marks)
Answer all questions in this section.

3. (a) Mrs Gasige asks you to prove that, biology has close relationship with other science fields rather than classroom teaching. (Provide any 3 points)

b) Differentiate the following:

i) Laboratory and Biology laboratory

ii) First Aid and First Aid Kit

4. (a) Explain the following conceptual statement as applied in biology

i) Vitamin B and C needed to be taken regularly

ii) We should include rouphage in our diets even though it is not a nutrient.

iii) Ruminant can digest cellulose human being can not

iv) A snake bite victim should not drink alcohol

v) The ileum is very long about six metres

(b) (i) Define alimentary canal

ii) Study the diagram below and give the function of parts A, B and C


5. a) What do you understand by the term “gaseous exchange”

b) List organ responsible for gaseous exchange in the following organism

i). Amoeba ii). Grasshopper iii). Tad pole iv). Tilapia v). Plant

c) Explain four factors affecting the rate of respiration

6. a)Your biology teacher asked you to draw well labeled diagram of plant cell, draw and show the parts responsible for the following:

i) Protect and give the cell a definite shape.

ii) Allows selective movement of substance across the cell.

iii) Site for chemical reaction.

iv) Home of the hereditary materials.

(b) Highlight differences between Mango tree and cat based on their basic unit of life (four points).

7. (a) Define the term personal hygiene

(b) State four principles of personal hygiene

(c) Give any four (04) changes that may occur in both girls and boys at puberty stage.

8. One day Matumbula and Machapati went to forest to hunt, unfortunately Matumbula saw many Bats flying in a big tree, Matumbula told Machapati they are birds while they are not.

(a) What type of classification used by Matumbula on classifying Bats as birds?

(b) Outline four advantages of such kind of classification

(c) By giving two reasons, why this kind of classification is not good at all?

9. a) It is very difficult to conduct first aid to an accident victim while you are empty handed. Highlight any four (4) requirements items and their uses in providing first aid.

b) Snakes are among dangerous reptiles in the universe. How can you render a first aid to someone who has been bitten by a snake? (Give six (6) points)


10. Food preservation is very important in Human life. Discuss its importance under the following guideline

i. Need for preservation

ii. Local (traditional) food preservation methods and their biological effects

iii. Advantages of local food preserving methods

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