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1. This paper consist of section A, B and C with a total of ten (10) question
2. Answer ALL questions in section A,B and C
3. Section A carries fifteen (15) marks, section B seventy (70) marks and section C fifteen (15) marks
4. All answer must be written in the space provided
5. Write your examination number at the top right corner of every page

SECTION A (15 Marks)
Answer all questions in this section

1. For each of the following items (i-x), choose the correct answer among the given alternatives and write its letter besides the item number in the spaces provided

i. Which of the following is the major source of revenue in Tanzania

A. Taxation
B. Exports
C. Selling of government assets
D. Grants and aids from donors

ii. Which colour on the traffic light sign tell a driver to get ready to go

A. Blue
B. Red
C. Green
D. Yellow

iii. is the process of improving or changing the laws in the national constitution

A. Constitutional amendment
B. Making the constitution
C. Protecting the constitution
D. Interim constitution

iv. Which of the following are categories of work

A. Physical work and simple work
B. Simple work and heavy work
C. Physical work and mental work
D. Small work and heavy work

v. Which of the following is not a type of citizenship?

A. Citizenship by birth
B. Citizenship by tribe
C. Citizenship by naturalization
D. Citizenship by descent

vi. The ability to take and feel the problems of others as your own problems is known as

A. Assertion
B. Empathy
C. Sympathy
D. Awareness

vii. The government of Tanzania spend its money by paying the workers monthly in terms of salaries and buying medicine for hospitals and books for schools what kind of this expenditure employed by government?

A. Recurrent expenditure
B. Capital expenditure
C. Developmental expenditure
D. Expenses expenditure

viii. The local government decided to make sure there is proper collection and use of revenue to make sure there is effective application of by – laws and to promote social and economic welfare of people in their areas. This is to say local government is performed which function among the following?

A. Mandatory functions
B. Permissive functions
C. Village assembly
D. Affidavits

ix. Kipoya failed his exams but he used his cognitive ability to select a cause of action from his several possible alternatives to solve the problem that he had, through that action he succeeded, so Kipoya has which type of skills?

A. Decision making skills
B. Negotiation skills
C. Life skills assertiveness
D. Assertiveness skills

x. Family stability is important not only to the family members but also to the community as well as the nation. Which among of the following is not of the way in which the family stability is important

A. Children are not able to participate well in schooling as well as parents in their daily activities

B. Ensure that members are engaged in positive habits and activities

C. Family members are able to participate in communal activities as cleaning up markets and panting treads

D. The children become role model to other in the community

2. Match the explanations in LIST A with the correct component of Coat of Arms in LIST B by writing the letter of the corresponding response beside the item number in the answer booklet provided




(i)                  Represents national heritage items of wildlife

(ii)                Represents                                       national sovereignty

(iii)               Symbol     of     freedom                   and enlightenment

(iv)              Represents    tools    used    by peasants and farmers

(v)                Represents water bodies

A.      Axe and hoe

B.      Peak of mount Kilimanjaro

C.     Uhuru torch

D.     Sea waves

E.      Elephant tusks

F.      National flag

G.     Shield and spear

H.     A man and woman

Answer all questions from this section

3. During May Day the President Samia Suluhu Hassan insisted on working hard for the personal and national development. Explain five importance of work for personal development.

4. Parents can abuse rights of their children by denying them education and not providing them basic needs such as food and clothing. Also society can abuse individual rights through beating and killing suspected criminals without giving them fair trial in a court of law, then government can abuse human rights through not including bill of rights in the constitution and not maintaining the rule of law. Do you think what may be the consequences of the actions explained above? Use five points.

5. Provide five points to defend the view that the government of United Republic of Tanzania is beneficial to all Tanzanians

6. Life skills are said to be very important and useful in the family, society and national wide while many people gets success through, these skills. In five arguments show how life skills play a great role in our daily life

7. A recent report in our mass media indicates a dangerous situation of the road safety in Tanzania. Suppose you are the one who have got a chance to talk to community on the road accidents, propose five measures to improve road safety in the country to be employed by government of the United Republic of Tanzania

8. As an expert in Civics, use five points to convince your fellow students, why is necessary to learn Civics from Primary School to University?

9. Responsibilities are the things a person has to perform as a rule. A citizen has to do certain things in the country in which he or she is a citizen. These are called civic responsibilities, economic responsibilities, social responsibilities and political responsibilities. In five points what are the duties and responsibilities of good citizen toward the people with special needs in Tanzania?

SECTION C (15 Marks)
Answer this question

10. The Minister of Education and Vocational Training is not satisfied with the academic performance of the students especially in the Form Two National Assessment. As you are knowledgeable student explain five techniques will you recommend to improve the academic performance to the students

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