National examination council of Tanzania uploaded timetable for standard seven examination which will be carried on October 5 to October 6, 2022 and will be carried by registered student and approved by national examination council of Tanzania (NECTA).

Download below timetable pdf



1. Make sure you have the 2022 Exam Timetable prepared by the Tanzania Examinations Council. 

2. Before opening any envelope with exam questions, make sure that you read the name of the subject on the relevant envelope and make sure that the subject should be done at that time according to the Exam Schedule.

 3. If there is a conflict between the instructions contained in the Test Paper and the Test Schedule, the instructions contained in the relevant Test paper will be followed. 

4. Candidates with special needs (Blind, Visually Impaired, Deaf) should be given an EXTRA TIME OF 20 MINUTES PER HOUR for Mathematics subject and 10 MINUTES PER HOUR for other subjects. 

5. The Supervisor of VISIBLE Candidates should be an expert with the ability to read texts and Braille signs and the Supervisor of the Deaf should be an expert with the ability of sign language. 

6. Candidates with WEAK VISION should be given test and answer papers with enlarged text, prepared by the Tanzania Examination Council for their use. 

7. The answer sheets of candidates with WEAK VISION should be sealed in separate envelopes. They should not be confused with the papers of candidates with common sense. 

8. Candidates should be directed;

 (a) Entering the Exam room half an hour before the Exam time and those who are late for more than half an hour after the Exam starts will not be allowed. 

(b) To follow all the instructions given by the Exam administrators. 

(c) Writing the Test number correctly.

 (d) To ensure that the number written on the barcode and the number of the Test are the same. 

(e) Not to communicate verbally or in any way between the candidates. If the candidate has a problem, he should raise his hand to ask for help from the Exam administrator. 

(f) Those who will be involved or who will commit fraud will have their Exam results searched.

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